The fastest way to provide real gigabit broadband

If you’re going to provide gigabit services, you should do it fast. Upgrading infrastructure is expensive, you need to be absolutely sure you don’t get to your market too late. That’s what millimeter waves are for. You can deliver the gig your customers want over wireless, which means lightning fast deployment.

Millimeter waves are a different kind of wireless. They combine the capacity of fiber with the flexibility, speed of deployment and affordable cost of wireless networks. That means our links can be used as a natural extension of your fiber plant.

Our solutions will cover your last hop whatever it looks like. Get all the way up to 10Gbps, on the street or on the roof, in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies.

That last hop problem? Solved

Our wireless solutions were designed for your network’s last hop. Get to the market fast using an affordable fiber-extension solution, one that is easy to deploy and can provide gigabit services just as reliably as any fiber plant. That’s how you deliver gigabit services, profitably.

Easy Installation with Beamforming

Wireless always requires less investment than fiber. But even compared to other wireless systems we’ve done away with site surveys and tedious link planning.
Our new PtMP plug & play radios require no setup or alignment, just a lightning quick one-person job.

Fast Planning

Our planning tool takes just a few inputs and spits out a complete network design, optimizing equipment selection and minimizing cost. And millimeter waves are either lightly licensed or unlicensed, so getting regulatory approval is quick.

Built for Large Scale Deployments

Scaling up your network quickly and easily is essential for justifying your business model. For that you need multigigabit capacity, smart planning tools and equipment that can easily scale. There is no better option than Siklu radios for covering new neighborhood quickly and efficiently. In fact, we’ve had an entire city neighborhood networked in 2 weeks.

Dense Deployments

Millimeter wave radios operate on narrow beams that experience no interference that means you can deploy as densely as you need.


  • “I have installed nearly 300 Siklu links (600 radios), many of which I've pointed myself... Ranges from 150m to almost 4000m (for temp testing) - hands down the easiest radio to install, pointing is quite simple and the reliability... I've only lost 2 out of 600 radios, and 1 was due to faulty grounding. I've installed S**, T*****, R*****, M*******, B****... I've yet to see any compare in terms of speed, reliability, and value of Siklu's products”

    Adam Larnach Network Construction Engineer, Webpass
  • "We're having a great experience with the Siklu products."

    Kevin Fisher CEO and Co-founder of Sail Internet
  • "Siklu has enabled us to deliver bandwidth levels exceeding our competitors at very competitive rates. We use Siklu’s 60GHz and 70/80GHz mmWave solutions extensively throughout our network in Portland, OR to deliver Gigabit internet to our business and residential customers."

    Tyler Booth President of Stephouse Networks
  • "We couldn't have done it without you ;-)"

    Brooke Dodson Marketing Manager, Webpass

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Gigabit Project Using
Fiber-Like Wireless

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Press Release

Urban Neighborhood
Using Fiber-Like Wireless

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Hybrid Fiber Wireless (HFW)

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Hybrid Fiber Wireless (HFW)

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