No choke; no loss

Siklu’s palm-sized radios provide your security network uncongested, interference-free, point-to-point wireless connectivity throughput.

Multigigabit capacity futureproofs networks to boost performance of myriad video systems and enables support of the latest in advanced camera technologies.

The street-level/rooftop wireless radios are easy to install and do not need spectral analysis prior to deployment. This simplifies network design, and expedites installation. Selectable security network topologies include mesh, daisy-chain and ring.

Reliable, future-ready video networks

Interception-resilient pencil-beams facilitate secure, reliable flawless streaming with no single point of failure. Siklu’s wireless links achieve 99.999 availability; enhancing performance, and reducing OPEX.

10x Spectrum

Widest and most uncongested spectrum enables wireless connectivity for multiple HD or 4K cameras.

4x Capacity

Futureproof capacity supports latest camera technologies and provides high quality video.

2x Reliability

Fiber-like performance with carrier grade reliability, 99.999%  availability and over 90 years MTBF.

1x Real time

Real time responses to challenges.

Real time quality video.

⅓x Footprint

The smallest wireless radios in the world are aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly deployed on existing street furniture.

⅛x Latency

Diminished latency facilitates real-time streaming ideal for PTZ control and situational  awareness.

Fort Myers City Surveillance System


  • "Siklu’s dish is small and unobtrusive, and that was an important consideration"

    Steve Hobbs CTO, UK Broadband
  • "We have been impressed with how well Siklu’s radios have performed"

    Bruce Girdlestone Senior Business Development Manager, Virgin Media Business
  • "With its high capacity, low operating cost and very narrow beam width, Siklu has swiftly overtaken 5GHz radios as the sub 2km backhaul solution of choice for CCTV transmission"

    Chris Cope Head of Presales, UK Broadband

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New York Marathon

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Fort Myers selects mmW

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