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Wireline Operators can use FREE 5G mmWave Spectrum for Gigabit Service – Now!

Why you don’t need to spend $5B like Verizon for 5G mmWave spectrum licenses

The fight for the future of 5G is here. The titans of industry — enormous Tier One operators like Verizon, and AT&T — have paid billions of dollars for the mmWave spectrum they need to lay the groundwork for 5G. The declarations about Early 5G intended for Fixed Wireless Access (Gigabit to the home) puts the pressure on wireline and cable Internet Service Providers. After all, if companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars are already fighting for their slice of the 5G mmWave spectrum, who else is going to be able to buy those licenses as well, right?

In the battle for 5G, the biggest telecoms with the most significant amount of mmWave spectrum will win out — or at least, so they believe. This has already led to battles and bidding wars, where companies that own spectrum were suddenly worth billions of dollars. This was the case with Straight Path, XO and FiberTower. As we’re about to point out, however, there’s no reason for service providers to focus only on licensed spectrum, especially when we discuss fixed access – unlicensed mmWave spectrum can do the job while providing 5G speeds and service levels right out of the gate.

Let the bidding wars begin

After AT&T and Verizon acquired FiberTower and XO, then came the Straight Path battle. AT&T offered $1.6B — 150% of the company’s estimated worth, but then Verizon stepped in. Verizon, which had already spent $1.8B on XO, decided to invest even more with an offer of $3.1B that reflected more than 400% of Straight Path’s value.

With Verizon trying to crowd its large competitors out of the market, other service providers may feel as though they don’t have a chance. Who among them has a billion or more dollars to pony up for licensed spectrum?

For smaller services providers, there’s a stark lesson here. It is unlikely that a business case can be found for service providers that offer fixed only services, such as gigabit to the home, if they must justify buying mmWave spectrum for billions of dollars. The 28GHz band Verizon is securing is only relevant if the fixed wireless broadband service they sell is be part of a whole package that includes mobile internet as well.

mmWave Spectrum Is Hotly Contested Between Large Telecoms

Here are the current owners of the 28GHz band.

This is the first band equipment vendors will embrace in the mmWave space.

With Verizon the current owner of 55% of the available licenses in the 28GHz mmWave Spectrum, there’s not much left for others.

This is the first band equipment vendors will embrace in the mmWave space.

Where do service providers turn?

The first thing for service providers to know is that mobile 5G isn’t really here yet. Chipsets for handsets are still in development and infrastructure deployment has barely begun. However, fixed wireless 5G is moving rapidly.

The good news for service providers is that they don’t have to get left out of the technological revolution. While it’s true that licensed mmWave spectrum is selling dearly, it’s also true that now abundant unlicensed or lightly-licensed mmWave spectrum is ready for service providers to leverage, requiring nothing more than the expense of the infrastructure to harness it. Better still, there’s already a 5G-ready broadband wireless infrastructure solution available for service providers so they can offer Gigabit service to the home. Now, service providers can stop customer churn, provide 5G superior service and customer experience, and grow the business.

Some additional good news is that the FCC allocated 7 more GHz of unlicensed spectrum as part of its mmWave 5G spectrum allocation. This decision brings the total of unlicensed 60GHz spectrum to 14 contiguous GHz, which is more than all other bands (licensed and unlicensed) put together.

Which mmWave spectrum can service providers use to bring 5G Gigabit to the home with a positive ROI?

A huge amount of Free mmWave Spectrum and an ecosystem that enables immediate and affordable roll out of Gigabit to the home services.

mmWave spectrum can service providers use to bring 5G Gigabit to the home with a positive ROI

Siklu lets service providers deliver the speeds of the future — Today!

Unlicensed and lightly-licensed 5G mmWave spectrum are a great opportunity for service providers.  Broadband customers will gravitate towards whichever service provider delivers the fastest speeds. The growth of streaming video and the commensurate plunge in cable TV subscription rates has intensified the demand for speed even more.

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  • Customers don’t just demand speed – they require steady and reliable service as well.
  • Running fiber to new areas to reach new customers and grow the business is out of the scope for many service providers due to the huge expenses and slow time to market. Laying the groundwork for 5G can remedy many of these ills.
  • Using the 5G mmWave spectrum can allow service providers to deliver Gigabit to the home, satisfying their need for speed. Service providers are now able to provide field-proven profitable Gigabit service to individual homes, apartments, high rises, and office towers, using millimeter waves.

Lastly, the ease of implementing 5G wireless networks may obviate the necessity of digging new fiber lines as a last-mile solution. Siklu equipment makes it easy to harness the advantages of 5G fixed wireless, with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions. Our solution is affordable, and installs quickly, making it easy for your customers to get their hands on the fastest and most reliable internet connections they’ve ever enjoyed. You don’t have to pay billions of dollars to unlock a technological revolution – contact a Siklu mmWave Expert to learn how you can build 5G today!

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