Point to Point Network Topology

Point to Point Network Topology

As soon as man created electronic devices there was a need to be able to connect them such that they could communicate. From this simple requirement, connect devices in a communications network, the entire concept of topology arises.
A point to point network topology consists of two devices each communicating only to one another.

As such it is a very simple topology with several features:

  • They are typically protocol independent making commissioning and administration very simple.
  • Because it is a network of two, most times standards are not implemented, and vendors are free to be creative in design and performance goals.
  • Very efficient in terms of overheard, most of the data rate is pure payload.
  • Low latency as the Layer two protocol, or MAC, has no need for shared medium tools meaning packets come in and they go out almost at wire speed.

The downside to simple point to point networks is that they are inefficient when it comes to connecting lots of nodes in a dense area. Each end point or customer access node needs a dedicated node at the other end. Lots of installations, possible issues with frequency coordination, and expensive as every end node has a corresponding “box” at the other end.



One extension that is often seen in point to point networks is what is referred to as a point to point to point networks where these single connection networks are extended daisy chain style.  In these instances, latency is increased slightly, and the total capacity is limited to the slowest link in the chain.



Siklu’s Point to Point Solutions

EtherHaul™ Hundred Series

This suite of products is designed to be light weight and very small in size.  These two attributes are of critical import when designing radios that are targeting street level deployment and can be performed by anyone, with minimal training.

Starting with the EH-500/ EH-700 operating at up to 200Mbps and concluding with the EH-600/ EH-710 at speeds of 1Gbps, this family offers a range of capacities and corresponding distances supported as far as 1.6 miles (2.6km).  All radios in this family are TDD based and use Siklu’s patented OFDM Modem designed for mmWave at 60 – 70/80GHz.

Operation in these bands offers large swaths of spectrum and coupled with extremely narrow radio beams provides virtually interference free operation for mission critical network connectivity today and tomorrow.

EtherHaul™ Kilo Series

The Kilo Series products are the most widely deployed 70/80GHz radios in the world.  This is due to the fact that Siklu was the first in offering advanced products to the market, as well as leading performance in delivering multi Gbps connections over miles of distance.  The products are typically deployed on rooftops or towers, and with support for external antennas the customer can deploy 0.5’ to 2’ antennas depending on the range required.

Capacities start at 700Mbps TDD with the EH-1200TX product and go as high as 10Gbps Full Duplex with the FDD EH-8010.  With Siklu’s patented RFIC implementations these capacities are supported at ranges reaching as far as 4.3 miles (6.9km) and at a cost that has led and dramatically expanded the market for gigabit connectivity in the E band spectrums.

Similar to the V band or 60GHz products, the Series supports wide frequency agility in the 70/80GHz bands and extremely narrow beams resulting in almost unlimited spectrum for dense deployments of EtherHaul™ radios.

Siklu ExtendMM™ – 10Gbps @ 10km

Using Siklu’s ExtendMM™ technology, service providers can easily deliver multi-gigabit capacity to 6 miles and above.

ExtendMM™ consists of a 2ft 70/80GHz and 5GHz dual-band antenna, supervising intelligence and a built-in switch in the EtherHaul™ radios, with additional purpose-built accessories. This system of hardware and software easily and seamlessly combines a high-capacity EtherHaul™ link with an inexpensive, unlicensed, low capacity and lower frequency link. The net result is that customers can have confidence in engineering and extending their EtherHaul™ E-Band links to distances never considered before.

For more details on Siklu’s Point to Point solutions contact: hello@siklu.com