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American Cities are Using mmWave Technology to Deliver Next Generation Gigabit Broadband

Siklu Presents at SmartGIGABIT Bay Area Conference in Santa Clara

Santa Clara, California — June 29, 2016 – American cities are no longer limited by the high cost and time-consuming deployments associated with a traditional fiber network. In fact, cities and counties across the country are building the networks of tomorrow in record time. By combining high-frequency millimeter wave (mmWave) connections with traditional fiber deployments to create a hybrid fiber-wireless networks, cities across the United States are able to increase fiber connectivity in a timely, cost effective way.

Monday, during the SmartGIGABIT Bay Area conference in Santa Clara, Boris Maysel, director of business development for Siklu Communication, presented how Siklu’s mmWave radio technology offers an affordable, rapidly deployed and scalable alternative for cities to get to a gigabit. Talking to a packed conference of stakeholders from throughout the gigabit network economy including network operators, application developers, and public and private institutions, Mr. Maysel talked about how twenty different cities are already using Siklu’s mmWave technology.

“The key to enabling the smart city of the future is building a connectivity solution that meets the unique needs of each community,” said Mr. Maysel. “We’ve seen city after city use mmWave technology in a host of unique ways that range from simply extending physical fiber connections to providing the connection for physical security and mission critical infrastructure.”

The success of mmWave technologies lies in its ability to deliver multiple gigabit capacity reliably and without interference or congestion. Additionally, the fiber-like wireless tools can provide an incredible advantage simply because of the speed of deployment — weeks rather than months. Here are some cities currently using Siklu’s technology:

  • Santa Cruz, California: Through a public-private partnership, the city is extending the reach of existing fiber to bring gigabit services to locations throughout the community.
  • Fort Myers, Florida: The city deployed 27 links in the middle of down town of Fort Myers within two weeks to provide the connectivity for a high end security system.
  • Vail, Colorado: The city deployed mmWave radios to extend the reach of the municipal fiber network where terrain challenges made laying physical fiber impossible. The city uses the same fiber-wireless network to connect the city’s communications and surveillance systems.
  • Loudoun County, Virginia: Loudoun County is using mmWave radios to provide gigabit connection between school facilities.
  • New York City, New York: New York City has used mmWave radios to provide high speed broadband connections to over 60,000 spectators during the NYC Global Citizen Fest and the NYC Marathon.


The full powerpoint presentation is available online.

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