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Siklu Radios Deliver Gigabit Throughput to an Okinawa Island with No Fiber Infrastructure

February 6th, 2017, FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY – Siklu radios deliver gigabit throughput to Ikei Island in Okinawa. The link delivers a much needed high-speed link to a computer graphics school, over 1900 meters of open water.

GLBB is one of Japan’s top ISPs, with operations in all 47 prefectures. They offer high-speed business and residential connectivity over various types of infrastructure. In Okinawa, one of the challenges they face is coping with the lack of fiber infrastructure.

GLBB was approached by N high school, located on the Ikei Island. The school needed more bandwidth for a computer graphics program. As GLBB had an existing client with clear line of sight to the island, they were certain the link would be a simple matter of adding another hop to the network. However, their attempts to get a sub-6GHz link operational over water failed, due to its relative large radio wave length, which suffers from severe reflections of the sea.

GLBB brought in a wireless consultancy, Upside, who advised them to try a Siklu millimeter wave radio which operates over higher frequencies, namely the 70GHz. The Siklu radio was easy set-up and immediately provided gigabit throughput to the island school.

GLBB’s network engineering team had just a few hours of training before setting out to do the installation. “Installation was a piece of cake,” said Gary Blankenship, Technical Director of GLBB, “Siklu is a real easy system to install, the alignment of the antennas is especially simple”. The entire first installation took under 4 hours before the link was fully operational.

Performance on site exceeded GLBB’s expectations. They are monitoring throughput and RSSI on the customer side and seeing a consistent 700mbps throughput. Even severe storms passing through the region, such as the recent Typhoon Chaba, haven’t impacted the link’s performance.

“We’re pleased, once again, to bring the high-throughput access urban residents take for granted to more remote, infrastructure-less regions. Millimeter-wave once again provides performance closer to fiber than other wireless alternatives,” says Eran Sagi, Siklu Head of Marketing.

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Siklu delivers multi-gigabit fiber-like wireless connectivity in urban, suburban and rural areas. Operating in the 60, 70/80 GHz bands, its millimeter wave solutions are used by leading security integrators, service providers, municipal authorities and mobile network operators worldwide. Thousands of carrier grade units delivering interference-free performance have been successfully deployed world-wide. Easily installed on street-fixtures or rooftops, the price-competitive radios have proved to be ideal for networks requiring fast and simple deployment of secure, fiber-like and future-proof

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