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The Town of Gawler, Australia Selects Siklu’s mmWave Wireless Solutions for its Smart City Surveillance Network


The Town of Gawler, Australia Selects Siklu’s mmWave Wireless Solutions for its Smart City Surveillance Network

FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY – June 4, 2019 Siklu Inc., the global market leader in mmWave wireless solutions, announced today that its radios have been deployed in the Town of Gawler, a local government area in South Australia. This deployment is providing high capacity wireless data links in support of a new IP networked CCTV system to provide surveillance for the city and public spaces.

The core requirements for the CCTV solution were that it needed to be:

  • Back-hauled wirelessly, no structured cabling available
  • Centrally recorded
  • Cover all existing areas plus several new locations
  • Be modular and expandable
  • Can be remotely viewed at the local Police Station
  • Provide innovation with a focus on “Value Add” and “Future Proofing”

The existing wireless network infrastructure was an aging 802.11a WiFi backhaul. Due to the growth and presence of Sub 6GHz technology in the area utilised by local wireless service providers, local businesses and the council themselves, class license radio spectrum within the 5GHz range was densely populated which resulted in the poor performance of the existing wireless backhaul.

MIMP Connecting Solutions approached local security experts Security and Technology Services to assist in the specification of the CCTV hardware and then, having used the Siklu millimetre wave wireless fibre line of products for gigabit network extensions for over 3 years, designed a robust, reliable, high bandwidth network solution using the Siklu EtherHaul™ EH-600TX 60GHz Point to Point radios as the primary network backhaul.

Operating in the license exempt 60GHz frequency band, the millimetre wave radios ensured interference free connectivity with 99.999% availability, leveraging narrow beams and the massive amount of spectrum available in 60GHz which are immune to the heavy Wi-Fi signals within the Town of Gawler. The last mile cameras then utilize Ruckus Wireless mesh radios for short haul connectivity.

From the start of the deployment, physical network design had to change due to the unavailability of one of the local council key buildings which was being refurbished at the time. This meant that it could not be used for a backhaul repeater as per the original design. Due to the ease of installation and flexible mounting solutions of the EH-600 radios, the design was able to be physically changed with no loss in performance over the network.

Since majority of the existing CCTV Cameras were located within the main street, co-ordination of high access equipment, traffic control and efficiency were key for this installation. MIMP had to ensure that the installation caused minimal disruption to the local traffic flow and businesses. With the ease of installation of the Siklu product line, constant communication, pre-preparation and professional project management, MIMP were able to facilitate the Main Street installation with minimal disruption within a week, during business hours.

Within 10 minutes of the installation going live, the local police were utilizing the solution to review and confirm a local traffic accident that had happened moments prior. The high-quality footage was able to be easily retrieved and remotely viewed with the new high-performance solution.

Even with CCTV as the primary function of the network solution, the Town of Gawler now operate an expandable, high bandwidth, robust network that can be used for multiple services / analytics and is IoT ready for future public services.

“The Town of Gawler had set high expectations for the replacement Main St CCTV system, and both MIMP Connecting Solutions and Security and Technology Services have delivered” stated Rebecca Howard, Team Leader, Property and Procurement Town of Gawler. “From beginning of the project, through the system design, survey and installation phases the project ran smoothly, with regular progress updates from MIMP. The system installed has exceeded the Council’s expectations and provides the local Police functionality never previously available. Since installation, the system has been robust providing consistent footage at high quality. Any minor issues experienced have been addressed quickly and handled remotely by the MIMP and STS Teams.“

About Siklu

Siklu delivers multi-gigabit wireless fiber connectivity in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Operating in the mmWave bands, Siklu’s wireless solutions are used by leading service providers and system integrators to provide 5G Gigabit Wireless Access services. In addition, Siklu solutions are ideal for Smart City projects requiring extra capacity such as video security, WiFi backhaul, and municipal network connectivity all over one network. Thousands of SIKLU carrier-grade systems are delivering interference-free performance worldwide. Easily installed on street-fixtures or rooftops, these radios have been proven to be the ideal solution for networks requiring fast and simple deployment of secure, wireless fiber.

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