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Stop Making Time For Your Network Designs

It’s time to optimise. Network design engineers are now having to deal with complicated deployment scenarios. They have to consider the boosted capacity demand whilst navigating hundreds of links that intersect throughout cities. That’s X times longer that you need to think about frequency coordination an more. Read more

The Need for Next Generation Wireless Network Design Tools

As capacity demands have increased to Mgbps the market is moving to mmWave bands of 60,70/80GHz. With more links - frequency coordination, capacity, point locations and establishing a connection to the Internet drive a trend towards more complex PTP networks. There is a growing need for top-notch wireless network design tools. Read more

The Waves of 2017 – Millimeter Waves Became Essential

Millimeter waves were all over the news in the past year. U.S. major carriers: AT&T and Verizon, backed by major system and chip vendors, are definitely leading the trend and the technology proof of concept. Read more
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