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Siklu SmartHaul™ Network Software Tools

Wireless networks are growing at a pace that outstrips past deployments by a wide margin. With applications ranging from IoT to 5G fixed wireless, wireless networks are also becoming increasingly complex. It is no longer just about selling and installing boxes, of critical importance to the profitability and optimal operation of these networks relies on the systems and support software offered.

This challenge goes beyond basic management, and has extended into the realm of financial analysis for ROI, predictable performance and even automated whole network design.

The suite of software in the Siklu Software Tools package meets these challenges with our portfolio of software systems:

SmartHaul™ Wireless Network Design Engine 


As networks continue to grow in scope and coverage, Siklu’s comprehensive portfolio of products ensures customers will have the right piece of gear for every point in the network.  However, with increasing coverage and product choices, complexity of the network design also ramps up. Skilu’s Wireless Network Design Engine simplifies these design challenges. The WiNDE takes as input all the locations to be served in a given mmWave network, and using cost and performance as factors automatically recommends  some cost effective and robust implementations to choose from. In addition to an optimized network design, the tool creates a Bill of Materials to build the selected design as well as the configuration files to ensure operations as designed.

Link Budget Calculator

Siklu SmartHaul™ Link Budget Calculator is a highly predictive, accurate online cloud based tool that helps predict the performance of a proposed link before installation and site surveys.

Using this powerful yet simple tool customers and System Integrators can plan on paper link performance and generate estimates of availability vs distance.


  • Evaluate the expected availability and capacity of any planned link, everywhere around the world
  • Quickly choose the right products for your network
  • Generate HTML/PDF expected performance charts to be sheared with serviced customers as a Service-Level-Agreement
  • Accuracy evaluated and proven based on real world comparisons including links operating during hurricanes, monsoons and typhoons


Financial Analysis Calculator

(Previous ROI Business Case Tool)

All projects begin with a simple financial analysis to determine if the proposal makes business sense, and to determine at a high level when a Return on Investment (ROI) can be expected. With this powerful and flexible analysis engine, customers can input key variable such as monthly costs, equipment costs, estimated income and more and provide as results an ROI and basic financial metrics.

With support for both residential and Multi Dwelling Units, this tool can be used in conjunction with the other SmartHaul™ tools available to get a first look at possible physical networks and their payback.