Come home to gigabit

Siklu’s gigabit links extend the reach of fiber, enabling Internet connections of up to 2Gbps in every home, facility or business. They help bridge the digital divide and create communication equality.

The small form and swift implementation process of the street-level and rooftop radios reach all forms of residential and business buildings – MDUs, single-family residences (SFR), SMBs and large business campuses.

The cost-effective, palm-sized products deliver fiber-quality transmission, resolving capacity and providing reliable connectivity in a way many never thought possible without fiber reach.

Deploy affordable gigabit – everywhere and now

Siklu’s cost-effective, fiber-like products utilize existing infrastructure – copper, coax or in-building Wi-Fi, to deliver multigigabit speeds to any location. The mini wireless systems have PoE-Out with 3 ports to further save resources and expedite deployment.

Fast deployment

Extend your reach from existing fiber PoPs within weeks, and even days.

Hybrid Fiber Wireless (HFW)

HFW brings fiber quality and wireless flexibility creating an ideal combination to deliver gigabit.

Unbeatable ROI

Leverage value of existing fiber network and significantly reduce project costs connecting family housing.

Easy to deploy

With no radio planning and no additional equipment required, installation becomes a quick and easy task.


The radios are palm-sized and designed with an urban chic, so essentially no one knows they’re there.


The wireless devices are easy to redeploy in the same or different network.


  • “I have installed nearly 300 Siklu links (600 radios), many of which I've pointed myself... Ranges from 150m to almost 4000m (for temp testing) - hands down the easiest radio to install, pointing is quite simple and the reliability... I've only lost 2 out of 600 radios, and 1 was due to faulty grounding. I've installed S**, T*****, R*****, M*******, B****... I've yet to see any compare in terms of speed, reliability, and value of Siklu's products”

    Adam Larnach Network Construction Engineer, Webpass
  • "We're having a great experience with the Siklu products."

    Kevin Fisher CEO and Co-founder of Sail Internet
  • "Siklu has enabled us to deliver bandwidth levels exceeding our competitors at very competitive rates. We use Siklu’s 60GHz and 70/80GHz mmWave solutions extensively throughout our network in Portland, OR to deliver Gigabit internet to our business and residential customers."

    Tyler Booth President of Stephouse Networks
  • "We couldn't have done it without you ;-)"

    Brooke Dodson Marketing Manager, Webpass

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Press Release

Gigabit Project Using
Fiber-Like Wireless

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Press Release

Urban Neighborhood
Using Fiber-Like Wireless

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Hybrid Fiber Wireless (HFW)

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White Paper

Hybrid Fiber Wireless (HFW)

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