Fiber-like Wireless
Expedites Business
Fiber-like Wireless
Keeps You safe
Fiber-like Wireless
Smartens Cities
Fiber-like Wireless

our applications

Broadband connectivity

Campus connectivity

video surveillance connectivity

gigabit to the home

Mobile backhaul

wi-fi backhaul

our applications

Business Broadband Delivery

Multigigabit throughput even in the most complex of enterprise networks.

our applications

Campus Connectivity

Instant and cost-effective gigabit connectivity between buildings.

our applications

Video Surveillance Connectivity

Reliable, flawless streaming facilitated for all security networks.

our applications

Gigabit To The Home

Fast and affordable gigabit to your home or multi-dwelling unit (MDU).

our applications

Mobile Backhaul

Multigigabit capacity all the way from your small cell or Wi-Fi hotspot.

our applications

Wi-Fi Backhaul

Point-to-point backhaul with multigigabit capacities to Wi-Fi networks.

our products

street_01E-Band 70/80GHz Radios

EH-1200, EH-2200, EH-2500 series, EH-5500 
Up to 5Gbps


Rooftop deployments

rooftop_01V-Band 60GHz Radios

EH-600 series
1Gbps aggregated


Street-level deployments

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