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Wireless performance continues to ride a powerful curve of cost reduction and improved performance. In mmWave this evolving ability to deliver more Gigabits per second at greater distances while prices continue to fall is coupled with massive market demand. New applications are opening up and existing ones are expanding at a rapid rate.

Specifically, the capabilities of mmWave wireless are propelling the technology into four primary vertical market segments:

  • Internet Access – This application applies not just to residential units, but also covers demand from MDUs (large and garden style) businesses, rural communities and industrial sites that all need Gigabit Internet Access
  • Smart Cities have come to mean much more than low data rate, long range sensor networks. Smart Cities now include applications that demand high bandwidth and low latency solutions. Verticals such as Public WiFi backhaul, wireless connectivity for video security cameras, Smart Roads, municipal network connectivity and more are all being served by mmWave wireless solutions
  • Video Security – Beyond Smart Cities, advanced video security using the latest in analytics and Deep Machine Learning relies on error free, high capacity connections. This application extends to security for Critical Infrastructure and is an element of a Smart Campus Gigabit network.
  • Backhaul – This application has gone beyond traditional mobile cell tower connectivity. Gigabit Backhaul now encompasses small cell backhaul for 5G microsites, backhaul for multi-Gigabit WiFi APs, and primary or redundant connections for enterprises with multiple offices or locations within a city that want a secure, high capacity private network.

Siklu, with our broad portfolio of mmWave products and SaaS tools, leads the world in delivering complete end to end solutions for all four primarymarket segments.

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