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Point to MultiPoint

With the introduction of MultiHaul™ series of products, Siklu brings to the point to multipoint market the same expertise and technological innovation that have made us a leader in point to point E band/V band market. MultiHaul™ products operate in the widely available and license exempt 60GHz V Band and deliver multi Gigabit throughputs.

In addition to the industry leading 400 meters range in PtMP configuration, the MultiHaul™ series also delivers advanced beam-forming.  Thus eliminating completely the between the Base Unit and the Terminal Unit. This plug and play installation coupled with Siklu’s zero-touch configuration approach means MultiHaul™ networks can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively by a single person.

These products are ideal for the emerging 5G Gigabit Wireless Access (GWA) market with enterprise and residential customers demanding gigabit connectivity.

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Carrier Class Performance

  • Point-to-multipoint 2.3Gbps over the air capacity (1.8Gbps net throughput) to rooftops or street fixtures.
  • Up to 1150ft. (350m) auto-aligned range thanks to Siklu’s proprietary cutting-edge antenna technology
  • The system includes a Base Unit (BU) with 3 ports and up to 8 Terminal Units (TU) with 1 or 3 ports
  • Beamforming antenna enables auto-alignment making installation a lightning quick one-person job

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Advanced Product Features

  • Physically immune narrow beams provide reliable, virtually interference free operation
  • AES encryption, TU/port isolation and 802.1x combine to secure the network
  • Dynamically adjusts upload and download capacity to align throughput with demand, significantly enhancing the user experience
  • Simplified TU configuration with assigned name and auto-provisioning: BU stores configurations of TUs, uniquely identified by logical name such as location-id or circuit id
  • Integrated managed PoE switch for straightforward connection and powering of multiple devices
  • Easy street level and rooftop site acquisition and installation with a ½-liter slim and small radio​

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