Service & Support

As network capacities increase, so does the impact of any interruption of network services. Ensuring reliable, robust network performance is more than just choosing the right equipment. It involves proper network design, installation, deployment and spare parts. 

Siklu has a broad portfolio of mmWave products, both hardware and software. In keeping with this depth and breadth of products, Siklu Support offers complete coverage from Professional Services to Training to our industry leading Warranty terms.  All supported by a team of highly experienced professionals. Siklu also makes available an extensive library of datasheets, manuals, technical notes, maintenance procedures, software updates, software applications and more accessed through our Partner Portal.

Technical and Support Services include

Professional Services

Radio and Network Planning

With the release of our SmartHaul Wireless Network Design Engine (WiNDE) many customers will decide to design their network on their own. For those that have larger more complex networks, or just want the assurance and personal touch of qualified Siklu Support personnel, Siklu offers complete radio planning for customer networks, guaranteeing network performance according to customer availability targets. The radio planning service is provided per link and per radio network, and includes frequency and antenna selection, transmission parameters ,availability calculations and integration to common link design tools (such as Pathloss).

Technical Support Center

Siklu operates a technical support center to provide technical and operational responses to customer service calls. Customers may submit technical inquiries, including questions or problem reports to Siklu’s help center via email, phone or web.

Technical Updates

Siklu provides its customers technical information updates to verify they benefit from the many features and provide them the know-how to configure their Siklu links in the optimal way.

Technical updates include; product manuals, product guides, technical notes and maintenance procedures.

Software Maintenance

Siklu provides its customers software maintenance updates, including bug fixes and patches. Siklu notifies customers about the availability of software maintenance updates, and provides customers with the associated documentation and release information.

Hardware Repair

Siklu maintains a hardware repair center to fix defective hardware. Customers can request hardware repairs by following Siklu’s Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure.

The authorization to return a part for repair can be granted after a technical discussion of the case and Siklu’s confirmation of the defect.

Training Programs

While Siklu goes to great lengths to make our equipment as plug and play as possible, it is a sophisticated piece of wireless networking gear with numerous options in deployment and configuration. It is highly recommended that end users and System Integrators receive formal training from Siklu as part of their deployment and operational planning. 

Siklu’s training courses are designed to provide:

  • A high-level understanding and also practical experience to install, operate, maintain and troubleshoot Siklu’s products.
  • Courses are available with varying scopes, duration and target audiences. Custom courses are available based on customer’s specific requirements.
  • Training courses are available as instructor-led class training and/or webinars.

All courses include theory and hands-on practice.


To receive details and syllabuses and to register to one of our upcoming training courses:

SikluCare Packages

Siklu is proud of the reliability delivered by our EtherHaul and MultiHaul product lines. However even with MTBFs measured in decades, there will be times when a link experiences issues and needs to be serviced.

With SikluCare Packages our customers have a selection of service plans to choose from. Both extended warranty and Advance Replacement options are available in our Silver and Gold support plans respectively.