Smart Cities

Smart Cities

This Wireless Network Does All the Heavy Lifting Without Bending Your Budget

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There are a plethora of applications emerging in the Smart City market that require Mbps and in many cases even Gbps.

Video Security with multiple cameras supporting HD or 4K are becoming the norm, while Public WiFi APs support over 2Gbps connectivity requiring a suitable backhaul connection for support.

Cities cannot afford, nor should they have to pay for, more than one network to deliver all the data of their cameras, WiFi Hot Spots, and even city office connectivity demands.

So how do you extend your smart city network everywhere, on time and on budget? That’s where Siklu’s field-proven mmWave wireless solutions come into play with multi-gigabit capacities and zero interference. Siklu radios can provide the performance and reliability you need for your smart city network.

Multigigabit Aggregation

Street Level Connectivity



From the bright lights of the big city to the bucolic pleasures of small towns in the countryside, municipalities of all sizes have a need to upgrade their networks connecting their administrative buildings and public facilities. Click here to learn about creating a dedicated mmWave Gigabit wireless fiber network to support today’s and tomorrow’s municipal network requirements.

Siklu is the industry leader in mmWave networks and we have been anticipating for years the boom in IoT connectivity. Click here to learn more.

More and more people want and expect high-speed Internet access everywhere they go – parks, open-air shopping plazas and concerts, downtown business districts – you name it.  Click here to learn how Siklu’s mmWave systems can provide the backhaul support necessary for this booming public WiFi traffic.

Click here to learn more about Siklu’s mmWave solutions for specialized Smart City video applications.  HD-quality, no jitter video streams in interference free air space, easy “no engineering degree required” installation, power over Ethernet to run multiple 4K cameras and compact radio equipment that easily “blends in” with the outdoor environment.

Our Products

Siklu offers the widest selection of mmWave products in the industry. This portfolio of 60GHz (V-Band) and 70/80GHz (E-Band) solutions in both PtP, PtMP and Mesh configurations allows Siklu to offer complete end to end multi Gigabit wireless networks.

1Gbps aggregated Up to 0.8 mi (1.3 km) PoE-In & Out

Up to 1.8Gbps aggregated Up to 1000 feet (0.3 km) PoE-In & Out 

Up to 16Gbps aggregated Up to 1500 feet (0.4 km) PoE-In & Out

Network Design and Operations Tools


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