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Don’t get caught with your network down

Siklu’s wireless networks ensure you’ll stream the real picture anytime, anywhere, no matter what, so you never lose critical video that aren’t recorded. The millimeter wave radios use physically immune narrow beams that are impervious to other signals. That means no jamming, zero interference and complete security. Our radios operate over the millimeter wave bands, which have abundant spectrum everywhere. You get a flexible and cost-effective multi-gigabit wireless network that performs just like fiber.

Everything you know about wireless has changed

Millimeter waves combine the best parts of fiber and wireless so you get capacity and reliability of fiber, along with the flexibility, speed of deployment and affordability of wireless.

Physically Immune Narrow Beams

The best wireless immunity is born, not made. Millimeter wave radios use narrow beams that are immune to all other signals- no jamming, no interference, and complete security.

Ocean of Spectrum

The broad millimeter wave spectrum and its high reuse factor, give you a new ocean of wireless spectrum in every place you deploy.

You can’t afford to be blind

Ensure network survivability during a disaster. Your network won’t get jammed because of heavy Wi-Fi traffic or malicious intent.

Secure your network access

Millimeter wave beams are practically impossible to monitor. Hackers never even get a chance to try and crack the AES encryption.

Always-on connectivity

Set up a rock solid network designed for mission critical security networks.

Ready Set Go

Our PtMP plug & play radios require no setup or alignment, just a lightning quick one-person job.

Parking Lots

Most parking lots don’t have full fiber coverage everywhere a security camera is needed. However, wireless radio connectivity should be carefully considered. When trying to achieve full parking lot coverage using sub-6GHz radios, the dense deployment will degrade performance and they will likely suffer from Wi-Fi interference.

Siklu point to point and point to multipoint millimeter wave systems are perfect for providing full parking lot coverage, from the camera at the edge throughout the backhaul to the PoP. The systems can be deployed as densely as you need for complete coverage of the area. The open spectrum and the mmWave narrow beams eliminate any interference from other links or systems like WiFI. In addition, when power is a constraint, multiple cameras can be powered by the radios with standard PoE Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Siklu’s palm-sized radios provide your security networks an uncongested, interference-free, PtP and PtMP wireless connectivity througput.
Siklu’s palm-sized radios provide your security networks an uncongested, interference-free, PtP and PtMP wireless connectivity througput.


Transportation hubs like airports, sea ports and central train stations are a high priority security target. In addition to anti-terrorism protection, authorities are concerned about many issues including smuggling, safety, anti-theft and management. Connectivity to wide coverage surveillance cameras is mission critical and must be reliable at all times

Siklu millimeter wave systems provide fiber-like connectivity that is highly reliable and immune to interference, jamming or hacking. They can be used to provide connectivity beyond the reach of fiber. They are also perfect for fiber backup, particularly in ports, where the ground can get waterlogged.

For roadways and railways undergoing construction the mmW system can provide temporary connectivity that can be easily moved to a different stretch of roadway or railway when needed.

Safe City

Today’s cities are sprinkled with multiple sensors, devices and cameras monitoring parking, connecting digital signage, providing license plate recognition and many more services.

With so many services relying on the city network, it needs to provide enough capacity for all these services as well as to scale up in the future as more connected devices are added.

Network setup based on millimeter wave systems provides steady multi-gigabit infrastructure cities can rely on, guarantee the throughput required for a virtually unlimited number of HD cameras, Wi-Fi backhaul and IoT sensors, no matter how many wireless bandwidth users are around.

Siklu’s palm-sized radios provide your security networks an uncongested, interference-free, PtP and PtMP wireless connectivity througput.

Video Surveillance connectivity


  • "Siklu’s dish is small and unobtrusive, and that was an important consideration"

    Steve Hobbs CTO, UK Broadband
  • "We have been impressed with how well Siklu’s radios have performed"

    Bruce Girdlestone Senior Business Development Manager, Virgin Media Business
  • "With its high capacity, low operating cost and very narrow beam width, Siklu has swiftly overtaken 5GHz radios as the sub 2km backhaul solution of choice for CCTV transmission"

    Chris Cope Head of Presales, UK Broadband

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