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Test Your Own Business Case with the Interactive Financial Analysis Calculator

Plug YOUR numbers in and get the ROI YOU need to deliver Gigabit to the home services.

MDU market represents $8.3B connectivity opportunity for service providers in the US. In order to illustrate the business case and enable you to evaluate your business opportunity based on your network and requirements, we have created an online MDU business case tool.

This Financial Analysis Calculator provides end-to-end analysis of important business KPIs required for understanding the MDU connectivity business case using mmWave wireless solutions. It also enables sensitivity analysis to various parameters.

The tool provides a visual illustration of the solid business case for MDU connectivity application using mmWave fixed wireless technology. We’ll walk you through the assumption and different parameters, so you’ll be able to fit it into your project needs.

A snapshot of KPIs for a typical MDU project

The Financial Analysis Calculator Consists of Several Parts

  1. Your Inputs
    1. Infrastructure requirements
    2. In-building connectivity considerations
    3. Business parameters (take rate, ARPU, operational efficiency, etc.)
  2. Generated Outcomes
    1. The subscriber base and number of connected customers
    2. The financial outcomes: Revenues vs. Expenses
    3. KPIs that include ROI, cost per building connected, apartment passed and connected

Infrastructure Assumptions

The infrastructure selection refers to fiber extension part of the network that will be implemented using a combination of E-band and V-band radios. The mmWave links are used to extend the existing fiber network (which is not a part of this business case). The installation cost assume a ‘project’ approach and not a single link installation cost.

In-Building Parameters to Consider

The model assumes that the service provider will take advantage of the existing wiring in the building and won’t rewire the building from scratch. technology is the simplest solution to connect the units.

The in-building parameters are self-explanatory and based on today’s industry practice.

The Business Parameters – New Revenues Opportunity

This is the most important part of the business case. The tool enables to interactively change different values and instantly perform a sensitivity analysis of various parameters.

As an example, while analyzing your MDU business case, you may change the “Take Rate” or “The Average Number of Subscribers” and see how it affects the ROI:

ThisFinancial Analysis Calculator Calculates the Breakdown of Expenses into Different Categories

  1. Infrastructure equipment – the backhaul part which is composed from E-band and V-band radios
  2. Installation cost – the cost of infrastructure installation
  3. In-building connectivity costs – includes both the in-building equipment and the labor

Give it a try and see for yourself! Click on the following image and see how you can benefit from offering Gigabit to the home services across the US:

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