• "True to Siklu’s link availability claims, the link withstood Hurricane Sandy without dropping a single packet"

    David Theodore President, Meridian Microwave
  • "Performance was as expected. Reliability was a key selling point for the Siklu system and we weren’t disappointed."

    Richard Watson Managing Director, Rapier Systems
  • "Siklu’s dish is small and unobtrusive, and that was an important consideration"

    Steve Hobbs CTO, UK Broadband

EtherHaul-1200TX (TL)

71-76GHz Most Deployed E-Band Radio

  • Rooftop deployment
  • Gigabit throughput, TDD
  • Interference-free
  • Carrier Ethernet

Best value Gigabit connectivity

The all-outdoor EtherHaul-1200TX (TL) provides competitively-priced connectivity for business, security and broadband networks. The palm-sized wireless radio incorporates QoS-aware, hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation for high availability, while asymmetric capacity configuration provides spectrum efficiency through a precise match of user upload/download patterns.

Wireless Siklu E-band Radio, 70/80 GHz

 Product Benefits

  • Interference-free band facilitates fast frequency planning and site acquisition.
  • Advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability and reduces costs.
  • Asymmetric capacity configuration improves spectrum efficiency through more precise match of user upload/download patterns.
  • QoS-aware hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation ensure correlated payload prioritization.
  • Simplified commissioning with zero touch installation, auto activation from NOC, integrated TCP/UDP capacity tester and advanced OAM with continuity test and service monitoring.
  • Configurable 8-level QoS-aware SF/WFQ forwarding, based on VLAN-id / pbits / IP DSCP / MPLS EXP.
  • Integrated antenna, GbE switch with PoE-In and PoE-Out eliminate need for external devices for servicing and cascading.
  • Sub-millisecond latency facilitates extended cascading.
  • Provides unbeatable dollar per Mb.

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Evolving Business Broadband

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