EtherHaul-2X00 Series

70/80GHz Multi-Gigabit E-Band Radio

  • Up to 2 Gigabit full-duplex throughput
  • Most efficient spectrum use
  • Extended range up to 7km/4.3mi
  •  Field proven

Up To 2-Gigabit Fiber-Like Performance

The EH-2X00 series provide 2Gbps capacity with extended reach for accelerating broadband connections in urban, suburban and rural locations. The EH-2X00 series throughput and performance provide a fiber-like wireless experience with minimal spectrum usage and a small footprint.

Wireless Siklu E-band Radio, 70/80 GHz

 Product Benefits

  • Robust performance, highest full-duplex 2Gbps capacity achieved at only 32 QAM modulation.
  • Extended range variant achieves 7km/4.3mi reach due to wider channels, high TX power, and excellent receiver sensitivity.
  • Provide predictable and reliable services in the interference-free E-band.
  • Carrier-grade performance & networking:
    • Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation, synced with user configurable 8 levels H-QoS, ensure correlated payload prioritization.
    • MEF-compliant Ethernet OAM and CFM (IEEE 802.1ag / ITU-T Y.1731 / IEEE 802.3ah) for advanced monitoring and trouble shooting.
    • Mobile-backhaul variant delivers PTP timing over packet 1588v2 and SyncE for reliable and accurate synchronization.
    • Built-in Gigabit switch with extra copper and fiber ports enables seamless cascading.
    • Real-time streaming with <80µSec latency that supports extended cascading with low delays, and reduces the need for aggregation points.
  • Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere. The wide 70/80GHz band, pencil width beams and 16x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels.
  • Zero-touch installation with only a voltmeter – no telco expertise necessary – and using optional activation from a NOC. Simple remote commissioning and troubleshooting with an integrated TCP/UDP capacity tester.
  • Multi-step capacity licenses for scalable and competitive rollouts and expansions.
  • Multiple antenna options for use in a variety of distance & link availability conditions.
  • Field proven advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability and reduces costs. The EtherHaul is the most deployed millimeter wave radio in the world.

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  • “Siklu's long range E-band radios have enabled Aerioconnect to provide true gigabit services with quick deployment times.   We've found the results repeatable and reliable on links ranging from 5 km to 15 km.   With proper engineering, Siklu's EH series radios offer a rapidly deployable viable alternative to fiber in metro markets”      

    Paul Yoes Chief Technology Officer, Aerioconnect



EtherHaul-2×00 Series

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