Siklu ExtendMM™ – 10Gbps @ 10km

Siklu ExtendMM™ – 10Gbps @ 10km

Multi-gigabit Capacity for Miles and Miles

Extended range Multi Gigabit throughput Simplified

  • Increase your mmWave range – 6 miles (10Km) and more
  • Works with any secondary link
    • 5GHz – dual band antenna available to limit tower footprint and eliminate attachment fees
    • Or use with microwave links at 11, 18 23GHz and more
  • Integrated switch and specialized SW simplify configuration; a choice of power accessories or built-in PoE-Out eliminate secondary cable runs

Single Click Configuration

  • Flexible selection of capacity threshold
  • Easily and quickly activated using Siklu’s user- friendly single pane of glass web GUI
  • Status and alarms reporting
  • No additional configuration required of the secondary link


  • Advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability
  • America’s most deployed mmWave radios
  • Easy to deploy- in hours
  • Small form factor
  • Low weight and power consumption

Using Siklu’s ExtendMM™ technology, service providers and other organizations can easily deliver multi-gigabit capacity to 6 miles and above. Siklu solution involves a number of elements, which can be combined together or deployed a-la-carte.

The EtherHaul™ Kilo Series offers multi gigabit capacities and continuously monitors the performance of the connection.  If there is an impairment to the throughput ExtendMM™ switches the traffic to a lower band secondary radio link – either a 5GHz link combined with Siklu Dual-Band 70/80 and 5GHz antenna, or an existing microwave system.  With this approach, Siklu mmWave links deliver gigabit capacities, up to 10Gbps over an extended range with a secondary link providing an alternate path during brief periods of heavy rain or other momentary impacts to the mmWave link capacity, often lasting for a few seconds at a time

As an example, an EH-2500FX can be designed to reach 15 miles, with full 2Gbps capacity at 99% availability and 99.999% link-up availability. A secondary link fills in as an alternate path for up to the aggregate 0.999% of the time the mmWave link may be out of service.

How it works?

  • Siklu mmWave link, up to 10Gbps capacity and min. 99% availability of the full capacity
  • A 3rd party lower band link as backup to raise the availability up to 99.999%, protecting the critical traffic during rain events
  • Simple integration
  • Full software support for “hitless switching”
    • Built in, easy to configure parameters 
  • Results in:
    • Increased range – 6 miles or more
    • Improved availability and reliability

Siklu’s ExtendMM™ operation in regular conditions (microwave radio in stand-by mode)

Sample Ranges and Availabilities with Siklu’s ExtendMM™ [EH-2500FX with 2ft. Antenna]