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Siklu offers high quality technical support services managed by a team of professionals with vast experience in the telecommunications and wireless arena. Siklu also provides a comprehensive range of support services including analysis and planning, support during all stages of deployment, network maintenance, training seminars and more.

Siklu takes care of its certified partners by offering an array of tools and materials that can be accessed via the company Partner Portal.

Technical and Support Services include:

Professional Services

Siklu’s Professional Services Team offers customers the following range of technical support options:

Radio and Network Planning

Siklu offers complete radio planning for customer networks, guaranteeing network performance according to customer availability targets. The radio planning service is provided per link and per radio network, and includes frequency and antenna selection, transmission parameters and availability calculations, utilization of Siklu’s proprietary link budget calculator, and integration to common link design tools (such as Pathloss).

Technical Support Center

Siklu operates a technical support center to provide technical and operational responses to customer service calls. Customers may submit technical inquiries, including questions or problem reports to Siklu’s help center via email, phone or web.

Technical Updates

Siklu provides its customers technical information updates to verify they benefit from the many features and provide them the know-how to configure their Siklu links in the optimal way.

Technical updates include; product manuals, product guides, technical notes and maintenance procedures.

Software Maintenance

Siklu provides its customers software maintenance updates, including defect correction and patches. Siklu notifies customers about the availability of software maintenance updates, and provides customer with the associated documentation and release information.

Hardware Repair

Siklu maintains a hardware repair center to repair defective hardware. Customers can request hardware repairs by following Siklu’s Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure.

The authorization to return a part for repair can be granted after a technical discussion of the case and Siklu’s confirmation of the defect.

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Training Programs

Siklu’s training courses are designed to provide.

Siklu’s customers and partners a high-level under­standing and also practical experience to install, operate, maintain and troubleshoot Siklu’s products.

Siklu offers courses with varying scopes, duration and target audiences. Tailor-made courses are available based on customer’s specific requirements.

Siklu’s training courses are available as instructor-led class training and webinars.

All courses include theory and hands-on practice.

Contact Us To receive details and syllabuses and to register to one of our upcoming training courses.

SikluCare Packages

Join a SikluCare support plan and enjoy the peace of mind and benefits from a support plan that fits your business needs.

Siklu offers Silver and Gold comprehensive support plans, providing different service levels to meet each customer’s business goal and requirements.

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