Siklu Communication Ltd

Siklu ExtendMM

Multi-gigabit Capacity for Miles and Miles

Extended range Multi Gigabit throughput Simplified

  • Increased range – 6 miles (10Km) and more
  • Works with any secondary link
    • 5GHz – dual band antenna available to limit tower footprint and eliminate attachment fees
    • Microwave links 11, 18 23GHz and more
  • Built in PoE Out and integrated switch eliminates secondary cable runs

Single Click Configuration

  • Flexible selection of uptime and capacity threshold
  • Easily and quickly activated using Siklu’s user- friendly single pane of glass web GUI
  • No additional configuration required of the secondary link


  • Advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability
  • America’s most deployed mmWave radios
  • Easy to deploy- in hours
  • Small form factor
  • Low weight and power consumption



Using Siklu’s ExtendMM technology, service providers can easily deliver multi-gigabit capacity with millimeter wave ease, to 6 miles and above. The solution involves a number of elements, which can be combined together or deployed a-la-carte, starting with a main link, millimeter wave, handling the multi-gigabit capacity, on-board ExtendMM software to monitor the link capacity and switch the traffic to a secondary radio link (5GHz or microwave) and an integrated 2ft dual-band antenna, 70/80GHz and 5GHz.  With this approach, Siklu mmWave links can be extended in range with the secondary link providing an alternate connection during periods of heavy rain or other momentary impacts to the mmWave link capacity. 

As an example, an EH-2500FX can be designed to reach 15 miles, with full 2Gbps capacity at 99% availability and 99.999% link-up availability. 

The secondary link fills in as an alternate path for up to the aggregate 1% of the time the mmWave link may be out of service.

How it works?

  • Combines traditional microwave links with Siklu mmWave capacity
  • Siklu mmW link for 2Gbps capacity or above, 6mi (10Km) or more
  • A 3rd party link as backup
  • Simple integration
  • Full software support for “hitless switching”
    • Built in, easy to configure parameters 
  • Results in:
    • Increased range – 6 miles or more
    • Improved availability and reliability

Siklu’s ExtendMM operation in regular conditions (microwave radio in stand-by mode)

Sample Ranges and Availabilities with Siklu’s ExtendMM [EH-2500FX with 2ft. Antenna]

99% 11 mi. >12 mi. >12 mi. >12 mi. 22 km 21 km
99.9% 4 mi. 7 mi. 6 mi. 2.5 mi. 9 km 7 km